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Placenta Encapsulation (TCM Method)

Placenta capsules are prepared using a Chinese Traditional Medicine method. The placenta is steamed, dehydrated and ground to a powder before being put into vegetable capsules. They are easy to take and are odourless and tasteless. Chinese Traditional Medicine suggests taking them with a glass of white wine to balance the Chi energy! Placenta capsules are most beneficial immediately postpartum but can also be stored in the freezer and brought out again when menopause is reached.

Placenta Encapsulation (Raw Method) The placenta is prepared as in the TCM Method but minus the steaming. Leaving the placenta raw ensures that the maximum number of nutrients are retained.

Placenta Smoothies

Placenta smoothies provide an immediate 'hit' of placental benefits after birth; slowing bleeding, easing pain, supporting lactation and boosting mood and energy. They are made by blending a palm-sized chunk of placenta with a banana and some berries and taste of nothing but fruit!

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is a distillation of some or all of the placenta in alcohol. It is taken a few drops at a time, in a glass of water. It can be taken to ease PMS and during menopause and can also be given to your baby at times of stress or transition (such as teething).

Placenta Cream

Placenta cream can be used to help heal a Caesarean section scar, reduce stretch marks, ease sore nipples or skin disorders such as eczema, help slow the ageing process and soothe nappy rash.

Placenta Printing

The placenta and cord are used to make artistic prints on a large piece of paper. This is a lovely keepsake for you to remember your pregnancy and birth by.

Fees (inclusive of collection of placenta, production of capsules and return of capsules via Royal Mail Special Delivery):

Encapsulation, up to radius of 30 miles from Ely - £175

Encapsulation, up to a radius of 70 miles from Ely - £200

Fees when taken alongside encapsulation (otherwise plus mileage at 45p per mile):

Placenta Smoothie - £30

Placenta Tincture - £50

Placenta Cream (500ml) - £40

Placenta Printing - £25