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The placenta is usually seen as a waste product, to be got rid of after birth. Yet it is full of nutrients and hormones that may be beneficial to the new mother and baby and consuming the placenta (placentophagy) has been reported by many new mothers to produce a variety of positive results. 

Some of these positive results include:

* low incidence of postnatal depression;

* bountiful milk supply;

* minimal postpartum bleeding and fast healing;

* sense of hormonal balance;

* high levels of energy.

These benefits are thought to be linked to the key ingredients in the placenta. These ingredients include:

*Vitamin B6 - can help prevent postnatal depression and aids in the making of antibodies;

*CRH (corticotropin releasing hormone) - reduces stress levels and can help prevent postnatal depression;

*Iron - essential for oxygen absorption in the cells;

*Vitamin E - helps heal damaged skin cells;

* Oxytocin - helps mother and baby bond, stimulates uterine contractions and helps it return to pre-pregnant size and facilitates breastfeeding;

* Cytokines - stimulate healing and replace damaged cells;

*Zinc - helps mother and baby bonding;

* Proteins - essential for growth and repair so help with post-birth healing;

* Prostaglandins - stimulate the uterus to shrink back to pre-pregnant size and slows postpartum bleeding. Also an anti-inflammatory;

* Prolactin - promotes lactation;

* Interferon - stimulates the immune system;

* Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - boosts energy and reduces stress;

* Cortisone - boosts energy and reduces stress;

* Urokinase Inhibiting Factor & Factor XIII - slows bleeding and supports healing.

There is very little scientific evidence to support placentophagy because companies do not fund studies that will benefit such a small number of people but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence out there and all the mothers for whom Tara has provided this service have reported that they have felt well, recovered from birth quickly and had plenty of milk.


One mum's blog about her experience of placenta encapsulation with Placenta Options:

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming up to the hospital and for my delicious smoothie! I feel amazing. I came home from the hospital the next day, my milk came in by the 2nd night and I am so energised!"

"I had my placenta encapsulated by Tara. I can highly recommend doing this as I recovered very quickly and had bounds of energy to get me through the difficult first weeks."

"I just want to say thank you so much for my pills and my beautiful cord keepsake. I am beyond thrilled with the product and have been telling people all about it. I do believe it has helped, especially with my energy/iron levels. Thank you again and I will highly recommend you to anyone, and if I do decide to have a baby again I will definitely be booking you."

"I am making a very good recovery and I believe this is due in big part to the placenta smoothie and capsules. I was discharged from the hospital the day after my caesarean - I was walking, not needing a lot of pain medicine, with a scar that was already healing well, with light bleeding and my milk having already come in! I haven't had any baby blues and feel really well; nobody can believe I had a c-section two weekends ago! I just wanted to say 'Thank You from my heart!' for the service you have provided. I was very lucky to have found you - I wish more women could benefit from this."

"Great service, very special. Thank you."

"I decided to have my placenta encapsulated because of its benefits. Placenta Options met all my expectations and Tara was a joy to work with! I absolutely plan to do this again and recommend the process to everyone. The cost of encapsulation is worth it because health is priceless. My experience was fantastic!"

"Excellent service - extremely efficient, the capsules arrived extremely quickly after the birth. Tara was very well informed and able to answer all my questions."

"Excellent service. I have not experienced the 'baby blues' and I have plenty of milk. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to do this!"

"Swift and easy process and capsules delivered within days. Have felt very positive, happy and surprisingly energetic post birth and sure part of this is due to my placenta capsules. Thanks very much, Tara."

"It's a wonderful thing you did for me and I thank you with all my heart."

“Tara encapsulated my placenta in June after my 3rd child, she returned the capsules quickly and she made a lovely little keepsake heart from the cord too. I was so impressed with her service and would highly recommend Tara to any one. The difference after ingesting my placenta was huge: bleeding stopped after a few days, I had an abundance of milk and I'm pretty sure it helped with my postnatal depression.“

"Just finished taking my placenta capsules. So glad I went for placenta smoothies and encapsulation despite the reaction of friends and family. It was my first child and I will definitely have it again for any future births."

"Tara encapsulated my placenta after the birth of my 3rd child. She collected it within 24 hours and delivered the capsules the day after. If I were to have any more children I would have Tara encapsulate my placenta again and would recommend her to everyone."

"After the birth of my second daughter, Tara prepared 2 placenta smoothies for me and encapsulated the rest of the placenta. The smoothies were delicious and tasted really fruity, giving me a wonderful energy boost during the first few hours and days with my newborn. The capsules were ready a few days later and I took those for about 6 weeks. They were about the same size as my pregnancy multivitamin and didn't taste of anything. The benefits I gained from ingesting the placenta were a much lighter and shorter period of bleeding, more energy and a brighter, stable mood level. My husband was really impressed with the difference the capsules made after my second birth compared to not having had them after my first. We will definitely have Tara encapsulate the placentas again when we have more children and can highly recommend her friendly, professional service."